Non-linear marketing meets new media technology

KarmaCom is the fusion of highly creative marketing and new technology. Through the wholistic and strategic combination of ROI-driven new technology and software applications with good karma marketing savvy, we help clients increase sales, amplify engagement, enlighten, entertain, and measure success.

Whether you’re a Fortuneteller or Fortune 500; Etailer or Retailer; Business Services group or Health and Wellness guru; Not-for-Profit or Leisure and  Entertainment company: disrupt your marketing routine. Throw out the rule books and do sssomething. Don’t settle for “it’s working.” Go for “it’s working wonders.”

Based in New York City since 1997, founder Karma Martell, the KarmaCom agency in-house team and their strategic partners have helped companies, business and entertainment personalities, destinations and venues, products and entrepreneurs stay steps ahead of the competition and conquer uncharted territories

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